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Wireless Presentation System - WPS Interactive - WGA-310

WPS is a must-have device for your meeting room!
It turns your existing "wired" projector into a "high-end wireless" projector.
wePresent WiPG- 310 is professional wireless presentation gateway.
By enabling the Revolutionary “interactive” and “wireless” functions

You can throw your presentations wirelessly from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android devices to a projector!
And use your pad, tab or phone to control your PC/Mac, or view the presenting slides!

  • High Performance Wireless Projection & Audio Projection
    With the revolutionary high performance wireless projection with audio, you can easily share the multimedia on the big monitor with friends without cable hassle.

  • Plug & Show
    With the accompanied Plug & Show USB Token, wireless presentation becomes easy! Just link your PC/Laptop to WPS (through WLAN or Ethernet), plug the token into a USB port, and in seconds, your screen will be wireless projected to the connected projector!

  • 4-to-1 Split Screen Projection
    With this 4-to-1 split screen feature, up to four PCs can be projected out to one projector screen at the same time. Thus you can easily do side-by-side comparison from four PCs / PDAs to increase meeting productivity!

  • Macintosh(Mac) wireless Projection
    WPS supports Mac client connected and projected wirelessly. By launching the Mac client software that stored in accompanied USB token, WPS provide the same experience to Mac user to utilize the wireless presentation feature.

  • Smartphone wireless projection
    WPS supports Mobi Show function for iOS/Android/Blackberry/Windows Mobile 5/6 system. By launching Mobi Show utility, you can play photos and PtG files stored in your mobile phone for presentation.

  • WiFi-Doc projection
    WPS supports WiFi-Doc function for iOS/Android, You can download the WiFi-Doc app from Google/Play, App store, and easy to present the .doc .ppt .pdf .jpg file that stored in your device.

  • SNMP Manager
    By enabling SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol Version2c) Manager, you can manage devices for each or batch. No need to login device’s Web page each by each for changing device settings anymore.

  • Change Standby Screen
    You can use JPG Files to change the Splash Screen. Design the image with message you would like to present, upload it through web control page, and you could have customized starting page.

  • AP Client Mode
    You can enable the AP-Client Mode function to let WPS join the existing Access Point through Wi-Fi. This feature provides the flexibility of wireless network deployment in enterprise environment.

Software User Interface

How It Works

  • It includes a single Wi-Fi router which connects to the VGA / HDMI port on LCD / Projector.
  • Attach the power adapter to this device.
  • Select the Wi-Fi network of WPS-Speedy from Laptop.
  • Download & Install the software from the homepage of this device (No CD required).
    Installation time: 1 min
  • You’re done.
    Run the application from the desktop and enter the login code shown on the LCD /Projector screen .
    You are now connected wirelessly.

Key Features

  • PC-less presentation with mobility
    • WiFi-Doc supports iOS 3.2+ & Android 2.2+
    • WiFi-Doc supports office documents (ppt, doc, xls), PDF, TXT and JPG files stored in
    • iPhone/ iPad
    • Android Phone/Pad
    • Internet Clouds such as Drop box or Gmail
  • Easy setting up and simple operation
    • Driverless installation from Plug &Show USB token
    • Changeable starting page
    • Switching between interactive and video modes for auto latency control
    • Remote PC/Mac desktop control
  • Conference control for multiple users
    • Up to 32 users logged-in
    • One-click presenters switching
    • Conference Control mode for moderator
    • 4-to-1 split screen projection
  • Convenient and secured network setting
    • AP-Client mode for joining existing Wi-Fi AP
    • Through IP or device name to hook up with web management page
    • WEP/WPA/WPA2, Login Code and Gatekeeper security protection
  • Remote Desktop Support
    • Use a set of USB mouse and keyboard connected to WGA-310 to control the projecting PC/Mac.
    • Enable the Virtual Intelligent White Board function by using the IWB software running on PC.
  • SNMP Manager
    Manage and con_gure multiple WGA-310s through SNMP consoles
    • App MobiShow support for iOS /Android/Blackberry: PtG and JPG files supported
    • SNMP Manager: manage and configure multiple WGA-310 device(s) settings through friendly SNMP application
    • Security design: Session Login Code, WEP/WPA key, and Gate Keeper
    • FPnS Plus: Fast Plug & Show+ with 30 FPS & audio projection for Win XP/Vista/7/8 & Mac
    • 4-to-1 Plus: 30 FPS quadrant screen projection for Win XP/Vista/7/8 & Mac
    • HDMI and VGA dual video interfaces
  • WiFi AP-Client mode
    Allow WGA-310 to join the existing Wi-Fi Access Point wirelessly for _exible network deployment in enterprise environment
  • 4-to-1 Plus
    30 FPS quadrant screen projection for Win XP/Vista/7/8 & Mac


  • Mobility | WiFi-Doc application
    • Supports iOS 3.2+ & Android 2.2+ handheld devices
    • Supports office documents (ppt, doc, xls), PDF, TXT and JPG files
    • Bring your Pad/Phone for presentation, leave your NB at desk
    • Download app (play store) MirrorOp sender by awind for wireless mirroring
  • Cloud | Dropbox, Gmail, Intranet…
    • Support office documents stored in Cloud Storage Service
    • Email office file(s) to yourself and project it out right away
    • Retrieve the files in Intranet through Ethernet
  • Remote | Standard Win 7/8 HID supported
    • Built-in two front USB ports for wireless USB keyboard or mouse to fully control the projecting PC/Mac
    • Stylish and professional cable-free presentation

Web site Chronos tentang spesifikasi dan feature WPS WGA-310

Package of Contents :

1 x Wireless Display WGA-310 Device
1 x USB token
1 x Power Adapter (DC 5V 2.5A)
1 x Antenna - 2pcs
1 x Quick Installation Guide
1 x Wall Mount kit

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